Received the Bicycle SSUR deck. Discount for readers in European online shop


Many readers have asked me where they can get the cards that appear on this website. I own copies of some of them, but almost all of them are available on the US market.

However, collecting (or just get) cards made ??in the USA living in Europe has become a real obstacle. The increase of the shipping costs, the extra payments for customs fees and the maltreatment of the packages by the postal services are the nightmare of any card fan.

The steady increase of card aficionados in Europe has carried the born of new European companies specialized in playing cards. These companies import decks in moderate quantities and offer prices that, although slightly higher than in the US, are usually worth because the buyer is free of customs charges and even the shipping is usually lower or even free from certain order amounts.

Sometimes they offer decks difficult to find and reasonably priced too. It happened to me recently with the SSUR Bicycle deck and, after trying to find it in many places, I found it and made an order to Cartes Magie. It is a French company that has a vast catalog of cards that meet the needs of magicians, players, collectors and cardists. I was so happy of my purchase that wanted to share it with you.

The manager, Julien Campy, was very kind with me and even offered me a discount for all Max Playing Cards’ readers. If you decide to make a purchase on Cartes Magie website, you can save 5% of the amount using the discount code: MAXCARTES. I hope you find it useful (I did).

And now, another image of my new treasure