FLWR HOLO CONCEPTS Playing Cards. Sacred geometry with a beautiful and magical finish

Early this year, I was talking about a very special deck. an eclectic concept that combines sacred geometry with a particular vision of human being and the process (flow) that leads him towards creation. The project was called FLWR and it was the result of a collaboration between designer Johny and producer Todd Weatherhead. After the success of that first campaign, a more ambitious one has been launched: FLWR HOLO CONCEPTS.

In this project, the creators have gone a step further to accompany their deep and thoughtful way of seeing and understanding man and his universe, with a truly magical, luxurious and striking object. Thus, they have used the beautiful printing technology on holographic paper by Experts Playing Cards, to achieve a brilliant deck in all aspects. We can enjoy the clean and geometric designs of the original deck, although in this edition the back will not be marked.

The aces are large in size and lavishly decorated. Backers are able to choose between two different designs for the ace of spades.



The court cards and jokers keep a symmetrical composition and refer to different archetypes of the social hierarchy with careful and almost monochromatic designs also ornamented with geometric elements.



The numbered cards respect the traditional scheme with white backgrounds and geometric watermarks that will stand out with their holographic glitters.



The back is not marked as in the original deck, but its design is really beautiful and ornate.



To complete the magic set, backers will be able to choose their favorite gaff cards.

Two different editions will be made with the same cards and two limited tuck cases, in black, with a minimum print-run of 700, and in white, with a maximum print run of 300. Both will use holographic technology and will have numbered seals.



The campaign is already funded so if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!