BICYCLE TROJAN WAR Playing Cards. The Greek epic and its protagonists

Perhaps it was a kidnapping or perhaps a voluntary escape but the truth is that the disappearance of Helen of Sparta caused one of the best known warlike conflicts in ancient Greece that, today, inspires a new deck: BICYCLE TROJAN WAR.

In this new release by Will Roya ( illustrated by Juniardi Satyanagara, the cards review places, objects and symbols of Ancient Greece in a completely custom deck.

The aces show four great deities, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena and Apollo, watchers and spectators, from Olympus, of everything that happened on earth.



In the court cards we can see the protagonists of the epic, kings, queens and warriors, from Agamemnon to Achilles, with defiant faces and postures in the face of the tense situation.



The walls and the Trojan horse decorate the jokers.



The numbered cards have completely custom pips, with frames decorated with the classic meander.



The symmetrical back is a composition made with colors and motifs from Hellenic decoration and an image of two warriors in battle.



The deck includes two extra cards with the names of all the characters on the cards.



The cards have been printed by the USPCC with air cushion finish in a edition of 2500 decks. There will also be an ultra-limited edition of gilded decks available.



A limited number of units are available since the rest have been sent to the members of the Pip Box Club and other dealers.

In addition, to celebrate the launch, during this weekend the deck will have a 20% off in Take advantage to get some more decks of their extensive catalog.

Good luck!