THE PLANETS: URANUS Playing Cards. The god of the sky watches over our trip

The space travel of David Goldklang’s (Vanda Cards) is coming to an end. After going through six planets of the solar system, the penultimate campaign of the series is live: THE PLANETS: URANUS.



Illustrated by the Serbian Srdjan Vidakovic (Widakk), this PLANETS series is dedicated to the planets of the Solar System. The artist’s work combines vintage aesthetics with elegance and luxury finishes. This seventh deck is dedicated to Uranus, the second planet in the system farthest from the sun.

This cold planet receives its name from the Greek divinity of the sky Uranus, father of Crono (Saturn) and the grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter). His relationship with the constellations and zodiacal signs has inspired the artist to relate each of the court cards with one of this signs. Srdjan’s imagination has created its inhabitants as creatures with feather-like gills on either side of their heads. In addition to their zodiac sign, each of them has its own distinctive dress. The aesthetic essence of the series is thus maintained, with a retro look of engraved designs and a simple but effective color combination. That simplicity in the designs and the white backgrounds preserve the perfect playability of the cards.



Like in the previous ones, two editions will be created with the same cards and different tuck cases. The Standard Edition with a print run of 2000 decks (at least) will have black stock, silver and white holographic foil, embossing and inner foil printing. The Limited Edition, with only 500 decks, will be made with dark blue stock, gold and silver foil and a numbered seal.

The tuck case is an authentic work of art that will be created by Clove St. Press using a direct printing technology in which the embossing and the foil create authentic masterpieces. With two different foils both outside and inside, these tucks are simply stunning.



The cards will be printed by the USPCC and one of them will be part of a solar system map with others in the previous and following decks of the series.



The campaign has just begun and it will be a success for sure. If you want to complete your collection visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!