NOCTURNA Playing cards. Love and palace intrigues in dark captivating illustrations

If we mix, within a tuck case, artistic talent, creativity, visual narrative and a cool reinterpretation of classic playing cards, we will find ourselves in front of an interesting creation: NOCTURNA.

Nocturna is a very special deck that exudes artistic sensitivity and passion. Polish artist Pawel Kania has transformed traditional playing cards into an evocative story of royalty, intrigue, love and hate, with beautiful monochrome illustrations on dark backgrounds that give the set a mysterious and intensely captivating atmosphere.



The court cards show knights, queens, and kings whose poses and gazes tell novel stories. The aces have a detailed and careful elaboration with beautiful and intricate organic forms.



Two funny jokers brighten up the evening in the kingdom.



A monochrome and embossed tuck case looks like a book cover with an illustration of a distant kingdom at nightfall.



The deck will be printed by Fabryka Kart, one of the most important printers in Poland that offers high quality materials and finishes. In this way, each one will be individually numbered and signed by the artist.



The project is very close to be funded so, if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge to make it real.

Good luck!