BATTLE OF THE GODS Playing Cards. Magic and design are two true brothers

Beautiful playing cards, unique designs, maximum customization, quality materials, magic and artistic talent… these cards have it all but the most important thing is the story behind them: BATTLE OF THE GODS..

Max and Nick are two brothers who, like many others in the world, grew up with gaps in mutual understanding. However, after a separation of 15,000 kilometers and a process of maturation, their reunion made them great friends.

Nick’s talent in design, specialized in the black pen art, joined Max’s as an international magician, to build together a project that represented that friendship.

Thus came the idea of ​​Battle of the Gods, a completely hand-illustrated deck to showcase Nick’s artistic talent and Max’s magical abilities in a very special and personal way.

For inspiration, they took classic ideas such as the four elements and four well-known mythological cultures. This fusion has filled monochrome cards with symbology in red and black depicting an elegant asymmetry. Each of the four suits creates a link between culture and mythology and an essential element that is wisely used as decoration and common thread in the court cards and the four jokers.

The spades combine the strength of the Viking gods and warriors with the element of water, essential for their famous sea voyages.



Diamonds show the heat of the desert and the pyramids of the Egyptian culture through the symbol of fire.



The clubs represent the union of the Celtic gods with the earth they rule.



The hearts embrace Greek mythology and its gods, linked to the symbol of air in the clouds on which Olympus is located.



The one-way aces and numbered cards have been smartly designed in a to keep the coherence with the aesthetics of the deck without losing the classic identity that makes them identifiable, something essential for games and magic tricks.



The back, made with a symmetrical composition of hundreds of aces of spades forming a spiral, is perfect for cardistry effects.



The tuck case brings together all the symbols from the cards in an illustration full of strength and closed with a custom seal.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC on their high-quality stock, air-cushion finish, and traditional cut. It is possible that a second edition will be unlocked as stretch goal, depending on the success of the project, which I personally wish to be huge.

If you want to enjoy this production, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!