BIONIC BLOSSOM Playing Cards: A cosmic journey through time and space

Crop circles have captivated the imagination of humanity, leaving us pondering their origins—deception or evidence of celestial visitors? This cultural phenomenon has intrigued scientists, mystics, and ufologists alike, with interpretations ranging from ancient forces to extraterrestrial contact. Now, a collaboration between renowned artist Milan Colovic, creator of the Asylum deck, and Max Playing Cards, invites you on an interstellar voyage like no other: BIONIC BLOSSOM.

The artistic concept behind Bionic Blossom delves into the hypothesis of advanced alien civilizations predating our own. It explores the idea that these extraterrestrial beings once visited Earth, leaving behind artifacts such as the pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Easter Island statues. The deck intertwines the identities of these ancient astronauts with our own civilization, blurring the boundaries between past and future, light and darkness, and the organic and the mechanical.



To bring this cosmic narrative to life, Bionic Blossom offers two different decks: Timeless Depths and Dawn of the Ancients, each one available in Classic and Bionic editions.

The Timeless Depths deck embodies the anticipation of an interstellar traveler on their final journey, with dark, biomechanical elements juxtaposed against vibrant greens and reds.



In contrast, the Dawn of the Ancients deck explores the history of ancient alien races and the inception of human civilizations, incorporating rustic and tribal elements.



Every aspect of the Bionic Blossom decks has been meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality. The Classic tuck cases feature embossed designs and metallic foil accents in green and red, adding an exquisite touch.



The Bionic edition tuck cases, resembling galactic transport capsules, boast a special opening mechanism that adds to the deck’s futuristic aesthetic. This unique feature allows for easy access to the contents, catering to both left- and right-handed users.



The decks are not, therefore, a simple recoloring, but different designs in which details on the inspiration of each edition have been taken care of. Also, each deck will have a completely different set of aces and jokers.



Furthermore, to involve the magician community in this beautiful project, the jokers include a reveal to impress any audience with a good card magic effect.



One remarkable addition to the campaign is the collector’s set, a truly mesmerizing piece that seems to have descended from another world. This extraordinary case houses both Bionic editions of the decks, accompanied by a 50mm diameter collectible coin with a black nickel finish, designed to create a visual effect when spinning. The magnetic closure box is adorned with intricate printed details and mysteries to discover upon opening. In addition, it has debossed areas, something really weird and exclusive in these cases. Its individual numbering makes it a coveted collector’s item.



Everything will be masterfully printed and elaborated by Noir Arts (NPCC), experts in the manufacture of high quality products with amazing finishes.

Bionic Blossom is more than just a deck of playing cards; it is an artistic exploration of our connection to ancient astronauts and the mysteries of the cosmos. With its captivating designs, attention to detail, and premium materials, this Kickstarter campaign offers a unique experience for card enthusiasts and science fiction lovers alike. Don’t miss your chance to embark on this cosmic journey and become part of the Bionic Blossom legacy.

If you want to be part of this out-of-this-world adventure, visit the project website and raise your pledge.