ENTWINED WINTER Playing Cards. The cold becomes warm thanks to the beauty of the dance

The wait is over! My dear friends from Old Gravity, Ritu and Bivas, return with a new edition of the acclaimed Entwined series. This time, they immerse us in the magical atmosphere of winter with their latest release: ENTWINED: WINTER.

Building on the success of the previous Summer and Fall releases, this third volume promises to captivate design lovers and card collectors. Entwined Winter takes us into a world of winter wonderland. The images and designs transport us to places with frost-covered trees and an enchanting atmosphere in which nature and dance meet again, this time in snowy landscapes.

Entwined Winter features a unique art style. Each card tells a story through its meticulous design and exquisite details. The oversized aces, elegant court cards and jokers are beautifully illustrated with elements of nature and a touch of winter dance and fantasy.



Like in previous editions, the numbered cards are delicate and original. The pips are revealed according to their number like leaves on the branches of a tree.



The back is shows an elegant swan in a richly decorated symmetrical composition. Its beauty stands out even more thanks to the use of a shiny foil.



The tuck case is a work of goldsmithing, with embossing and double foil. A ballerina adorns the back surrounded by vine branches.

Two color variations have been created for this edition: Winter Gold and  Winter Rose. Both will share designs but will have different foil colors (hollographic and cyan) on the back and on the tuck case. Cool blue and gray tones intertwine with touches of white and silver, creating a visually stunning effect that captures the essence of winter. Each card is a work of art in itself and adds to the overall beauty of the deck.



In addition, an impressive Collector’s Chest will once again be created, containing both decks and a commemorative coin in a luxurious fully ornamented box.



This is the third edition of the Entwined series that will travel through the four seasons of the year showing  their own personality. Together, all the tuck cases will form a beautiful composition of the tree of life, a universal symbol present in all kinds of religions and philosophies.



You can also get the very last units of the previous campaigns.

The decks will be printed by Noir Arts (NPCC), experts in high quality printing with absolutely incredible finishes.

If you want to be part of this beautiful collection, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!