KickStarter and Playing Cards. Historical summary


Kickstarter has become a fantastic funding platform for new decks of cards. Not all but many are from USPC and some are Bicycle decks.

There have been many decks successfully funded and other upcoming decks. An up-to-date complete summary:



Funded 2010 Sep. Broken Spell – Card Deck Project by Jisuk Cho



Funded 2010 Nov. Portland Places: The Illustrated Card Deck by Aaron Voronoff

 Funded 2011 Jun. Actuators Playing Cards  by Lance T. Miller (Lance Miller decks)



Funded 2011 Jun. Brimstone deck, by Russell W. Kercheval (Circle City Card Company)



 Funded 2011 Sep. Revision 1 deck, by Adam T. Clarkson (Circle City Card Company)



 Funded 2011 Dec. Vortex Playing Cards by Alexander Isaacs (Aether Cards)



Funded 2011 Sep. Americana deck, by Adam T. Clarkson (Circle City Card Company)



 Funded 2011 Dec. Actuators Playing Cards Black and White by Lance T. Miller (Lance Miller decks)



Funded 2012 Jan. Typestache Playing Cards by Jeremy Wilkins



Funded 2012 Feb.  Fairy Tale Art Playing Cards by Arthur Rackham (art) and Ruth Miller (edition) (Unique3dDigital)




Funded 2012 Feb. Steampunk Playing Cards by Reagan



Funded 2012 Mar. Tendril Playing Cards by Paul Carpenter (Encarded)



Funded 2012 Mar. The SPECTRUM deck by Cosmo Solano (TrickSite)



Funded 2012 Mar. Deck of the Living Dead by Chris Pallace (BentCastle)



Funded 2012 May. Feminist playing cards by Lynn Carter (Homoground)



Funded 2012 April. Galvanic Playing Cards by Sean Whelan



Funded 2012 April. Blue Blood Playing Cards by Uusi



Upcoming 2012 May. R@n$0m Playing Cards by Amber Tapper



Upcoming 2012 May. Mystic deck Techno Edition by Alfonce PrinceGriffin (Purple Diamond Cards)



Upcoming 2012 May. Phil’s Poker Cards – Just the beginning by Chuck Brodd



Upcoming 2012 Jun. SIGIDI: African Heritage Playing Cards by Clint Griffin (Kemetic Designs)



Upcoming 2012 Jun. ULTRAVIOLET Playing Cards by beta17



Upcoming 2012 Jun. Hipster Playing Cards by Ray Thomas



Upcoming 2012 Jun. Bicycle Eclipse Playing Cards by Juan G. Pérez  (Hidden Mirrors)



Upcoming 2012 Jun. Metagalactic “Blackout” Glow In The Dark Playing Cards by Nick Lampsas



Upcoming 2012 Jun. THE GRID, A Bicycle® Playing Card Deck by 4pm Designs



I’ll post the funding  confirmation (if any) of the upcoming decks. If you are interested on some of the already released ones, email me just in case I have one to share.