ENEIDA LOVE AND PASSION Playing Cards. The romanticism of the classical epic

Eneida is a poem written in 1798 as a parody of the well-known Aeneid by Virgil, where the Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotliarevsky transformed the heroes of Troy into Zaporizhia Cossacks. The author was probably inspired by Catherine the Great’s destruction in 1975 of Zaporizhia, a region sadly known for its constant attacks, its nuclear power plant and its strategic location in the invasion of Russia in 2022. The story told in this Ukrainian poem was already collected in the Eneida decks and revisited in the new Fullhouse campaign: ENEIDA LOVE AND PASSION.

Eneida tells a story inspired by Virgil’s Latin epopee and adapted to Ukrainian folklore and culture. As a complement to a reissue in 2011, this literary adaptation was illustrated on playing cards in a stunning way by the talented Oksana Ternavskaya, who collected in her drawings the beauty full of details and symbology. Even the numbered cards are decorated with different scenes. The illustrations of this new edition preserve the essence of the original with some changes.



Two editions have been created for this campaign, Love and Passion. with different backs and cases with embossing and metallic foils on a beautiful iridescent paper in green and purple colors respectively.



This is the third campaign dedicated to these decks, joining the previous three decks (which can also be obtained as an add-ons). In addition, different collection cases are offered with combinations of these decks and a set of beautiful coins.



As it could not be otherwise, the Ukrainian company NPCC (Noir Arts) will carry out the production with the care and quality according to the beauty of the cards.

If you want to get this beautiful collection, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!