MEDIEVAL Playing Cards. The colorful version of this luxurious deck wrapped in gold

It’s been two years since Ben Jones (Elephant Playing Cards) teamed Egor Klyuchnyk (Anomaly World Studio) to create the Medieval deck. In that campaign, a second deck was offered that could not be printed. Now, Ben is launching a new campaign with the MEDIEVAL COLOR Playing Cards.

This deck is inspired by medieval age, with a balanced design in which details, ornaments and colors transport us to ancient timesknights and maidens, heraldic shields and epic battles.



The entire deck has been customized, from indexes and suits to court cards and tuck case, in order to be in tune with the theme and give an old times appearance. Court cards depict portraits inspired by the style of the great Spanish painter Diego VelazquezNumbered cards have subtle heraldic symbols as background with elegant french-style pips and jokers depict the two sides of a battle between a knight on horseback and a fearsome dragon.



After a successful experience with his Elephant cards, Ben works again with WJPC to print the two decks offered in the campaign. Both will be printed on a thicker and more durable paper and will use a case with a long flap to fit in their old look.

The Medieval Gold edition will use, as in the original in black and white, a red wax-style seal.



The Medieval Royal Edition will be a much more luxurious deck with a gold wax-style seal, gold foil in the tuck case (outside and inside) and backs and gold gilding in the cards.



Both decks will have the same designs on faces. It is without doubt a very interesting proposal that will delight all card fans. If you like, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!