Chromatic deck. Color and design explosion


I found this wonderful deck surfing the Internet and I couldn’t resist sharing it with my small but selected group of followers.

This is the Chromatic deck . A colorful and amazing deck of cards that will delight fans of fans.



I had the opportunity to speak with its creator, Lily Andrea Seidel, a kind and young designer full of enthusiasm and talent, as can be seen in her gallery at Devianart or Redbubble.

The Chromatic deck is her very first deck. Printing has been really limited, only 200 copies, something especially interesting for collectors.

This is a deck in 300 gram paper with smooth coated finish (in my humble opinion, the deck is worth only for its beauty and its colorful design).

Lily told me that she will go on designing decks and probably, the next one will be printed by USPCC under Bicycle brand. I wish it is true and soon… I cannot wait to have a Bicycle deck like this in my hands.

If you want to buy one of the few copies available, you can visit the official webstore. It is available in a plastic box and in a nice metal box.


I wish Lily the biggest success in her adventure into the playing cards world.