AGENDA Playing Cards. The symbol of transformation through a beautiful deck

Based in Singapore, Flagrant Agenda is a street fashion label that designs apparels with a contemporary and urban overtone with a strong focus on graphics and illustrations. Influenced by their own surroundings and the daily issues in their social environments, this group of young entrepreneurs have found in the playing cards a fantastic way to express their art and have launched an interesting deck: AGENDA.

Inspired by transformation and change, something that seems essential in many areas of our current social reality, creators have used playing cards as a medium for communication in which each small element takes its own meaning.



Careful designs reveal a variety of symbols related to the theme of the deck. The force of Nature, inner and outer peace, the cycle of life … traditional philosophical concepts that find in the designs a much closer representation and, at the same time, a social complaint that cries out for that change. A complaint especially directed to the lack of truth and honesty of those who rule us, represented by eyeless court cards.



The balance is represented in back and aces through beautiful mandalas while the numbered cards are simple and clean.



In short, a deck that spreads a message of peace and harmony with clear and elegant designs.

The deck will be printed by the Expert Playing Cards Company in a limited run of 1000 units, which will be numbered in a beautiful foiled seal.



Although it is already funded, the next stretch goal is the creation of the Black Edition, a beautiful variation that mixes gray and red colors on a black background.



If you want to help to make both a reality and get these beautiful cards, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!