ORNATE white and Obsidian. The definitive campaign with 10 decks. Exclusive images


Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) created the very first version of ORNATE decks in 2012, Sapphire and Scarlet. It was such a big success that he created two more color combinations: Amethyst and Emerald. The decks were produced and distributed by House of Playing Cards and they sold out quickly.



After other professional projects, including the cool Imperial Deck, Randy decided to play again with the colors and launched the finale with ORNATE Playing Cards: White Edition.



The White ORNATES are renewed versions of the original decks printed by the USPCC in two editions each, unbranded and Bicycle branded. I have heard along last months many people are tired of just color change on popular decks but this case is quite different. Other decks just change the color in a lazy way, but the work and delicate care Randy puts in every of his designs makes the ORNATES real pieces of art, and the new colors give them a stunning aspect that makes them seem completely different from the originals. Making two editions of each is just a delight for collectors.



The best proof of the clear acceptance among the card community is that the project was funded really quickly, and some stretch goals have been already unlocked. There is one of them still pending that will be freed soon: The Obsidian Deck.



When you think there is nothing better to see after so many vibrant color combinations, the Obsidian deck caresses your mind with something really elegant and delicate. Just having a look to the tuck boxes (also branded and unbranded versions) is enough. Black Velum stock with Black and gold foil. Randy has also designed a Flap Jacket for the Obsidian… the perfect suit for a formal ball.



The Obsidian will be unlocked when the project reaches $75,000 funding, a high stretch goal, not so far having in mind the project’s progression. There will be only 1,000 for the Bicycle branded edition sets (both White and Obsidian), so they will be very limited.



All the images in this post are high resolution so you can click on them to see them much detailed. If you want to take part of this amazing design, do not forget to go to the project website and raise your pledge, especially before the limited decks go forever.

Good luck!