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04 March

ORNATE white and Obsidian. The definitive campaign with 10 decks. Exclusive images

  Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) created the very first version of ORNATE decks in 2012, Sapphire and Scarlet. It was such a big success that he created two more color combinations: Amethyst and Emerald. The decks were produced and distributed by House of Playing Cards and they sold out quickly.     After other professional projects, including the cool Imperial Deck, Randy decided to play again with the colors and launched the finale with ORNATE Playing Cards: White Edition….

28 August

Imperial Playing Cards. A behind-the-scenes look to the royal eggs design

  There are some creators out there that have become a reference in the playing cards world due to their talent and art but also to their fine work. If you make the top ten list of those creators, one of the first five positions would be occupied by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company), the creator of the amazing Ornate decks and other cool playing cards.     His last work is the IMPERIAL DECK, a fantastic design inspired on…

11 August

Ornate decks by Randy Butterfield: the interview

If I would be asked about the best five decks of 2012, I would include, without any doubt, the Ornate decks: Sapphire and Scarlet. Ornate decks, created by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) have become one of the most acclaimed and desired products along last months. The design is stunning and elegant, and the whole image is simply amazing. They are printed by USPCC in Aristocrat stock and Premium Magic Finish so high quality guaranteed. No sense to talk more…

04 July

Received the Vaudeville deck. From the past great magicians to the present great magicians.

Although it is not an “oven fresh” deck, it is young in the market (and I have received it a couple of days ago). The Vaudeville deck is one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen recently. These are antique look cards reminiscent of the old stages of past mythical magicians. This is a completely customized deck with gaff cards for magic tricks and with kings modeled after great magicians (Houdini, Thurston, Carter, and Alexander). A beautiful deck in a…

16 June

Received the Mechanic deck. A very “animated” deck

I have received the Mechanic Deck, an interesting deck of cards specially designed for magicians. Designed by Mechanic Industries and produced by the United States Playing Card Company in association with HOPC to the highest possible quality. Main features for this deck are: Bee Poker Casino Stock Magicians Finish Mechanic animation backs Grunge style spot and court cards Poker chip style Jokers Blank faced Card gaff Custom Seal Have a look to the promotional video where you can see the…