Received the Vaudeville deck. From the past great magicians to the present great magicians.

Although it is not an “oven fresh” deck, it is young in the market (and I have received it a couple of days ago).

The Vaudeville deck is one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen recently. These are antique look cards reminiscent of the old stages of past mythical magicians.

This is a completely customized deck with gaff cards for magic tricks and with kings modeled after great magicians (Houdini, Thurston, Carter, and Alexander).

A beautiful deck in a embossed box with gold and other vibrant colors.

The deck has been printed by USPCC in premium paper for The Blue Crown, “sister” of House of Playing Cards (HOPC) both well known companies in the market because of this and other popular creations like the Crown decks (green, red, blue, black and gold?),  the minimalist NOC decks (in five different colors) or the Mechanic deck (recently posted about).

Enjoy some official photos (much better than mine as they perfectly capture the essence of its beauty).

As I usually say, I have some available if anyone is interested.