Bicycle Seven Seas deck. A real nautical adventure experience


This is a deck inspired on tales, nautical tales: sailors, ghost ships, pirates, sea creatures and superstitions: Bicycle Seven Seas deck.

Released by Brain Vessel Studios, illustrated by Jason Kreiger in collaboration with Douglas Koozer and written content by Matthew Fishgold, the design has been carefully made and perfectly express the spirit behind the deck.

The deck is split in heroes and monsters. While the red cards, diamonds and hearts, show explorers, sailors and pirates with their ships, the dark (in blue) cards, spades and clubs, represent the danger and the monster creatures with superstitions and ghost ships. Something very interesting is that the rank cards increase the size of the vessel the higher the rank goes.

The final design of the deck is amazing and Brain Vessel will release a second deck, the captain deck, as a stretch goal.

These beautifully illustrated 54 cards will be printed by the USPCC under Bicycle brand. You can get more info and raise your pledge on the project website.

Good luck!