BICYCLE VINTAGE HALLOWEEN Playing Cards. Tradition with mid-20th century vibes

A classic deck, with a traditional look but customized, and with a retro flavor that nostalgically reminds us of a different time (and better for many). This is what Collectable Playing Cards offers us in the BICYCLE VINTAGE HALLOWEEN.

Although Halloween is a universal celebration, enjoyed in many corners of the world, the United States has exported their tradition, acquired by Irish immigrants in the mid-19th century but popularized as we know it in the mid-20th century, to many other places. The cinema and the globalization of commerce and marketing have made “trick or treat” something familiar not only in the United States, Canada or Japan but also in many other countries.

That feeling of the neighborhood gangs going around the houses in disguise to get sweets is engraved in our retina and inspires this deck with some traditional court cards and slightly customized pips and colors.



The Ace of Spades and jokers have been also drawn by hand.



The back shows a colorful and symmetrical design of atomic stars.



This Bicycle branded deck is the first in a series of four that will be followed by Vintage Christmas, of which I will give you some images in advance (available soon for preorder).



Printed by the USPCC, it is now available for preorder on the Collectable Playing Cards website with a promotional discount of more than 30% until September 23.. If you want to get it, take the opportunity.

Good luck!