BICYCLE DLAB MASQUERADE Playing Cards. Learn to draw and enjoy a beautiful deck

There are decks that marked an era and that time turned them into legend. Many of them were created by very talented artists who were not specifically dedicated to the creation of cards but who found in them a special form of expression that helped them achieve a larger audience and lasting success. In March 2013 I was able to share with you the Draw Like a Boss campaign, a real hit on Kickstarter with more than 1,600 backers. Almost a decade later, and after many successful projects, the talent of Ashley Edge (aka Ash) has once again been put at the service of playing card design with BICYCLE MASQUERADE.

In his original campaign, Ash set out to infect everyone with his passion for drawing, creating a campaign in which the deck was an attractive element linked to a very important editorial work in which artists masterfully taught drawing. with a course full of didactics and good ideas. Throughout these years, there have been multiple editions of “Draw Like a Boss” course book with thousands of followers in each of the different campaigns. The original deck, at the same time, has become a highly sought after collectible, fetching very high prices on the secondary market.

This new deck is completely different from the first, but it reflects the same passion, elegance and taste that led to the creation of this enormous community united by art and drawing. The designs take their inspiration from the masquerades, preserving, in the court cards, a traditional and completely customized style with elegant and mysterious characters who hide their true intentions behind the masks.



The aces are stylized and surrounded by profuse and intricate monochrome ornamentation.



The symmetrical back is also detailed with intricate geometric shapes that intertwine in an almost architectural design.



The numbered cards and jokers have a traditional style with a beautiful, delicate and elegant customization.



The tuck case features a lion’s head and wings on the front and arabesque decoration on the back and sides.



The Bicycle branded  deck will be printed by the USPCC using their high-quality air-cushion stock with magic finish.

The campaign also looks for funds for the third edition of the book “Draw Like A Boss”, offering as add-ons, all the previous editions and, even, the limited units of the original deck.



If you want to be part of this great community, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!