EVE BLACK Playing Cards. A special reissue inspired by Genesis

You may remember that a little over a year ago I told you about the Eve: The Untold Story deck, illustrated by FC Designs, a dynamic group of talented Spanish designers, who also recently offered us the Ghost Stories campaign. After the original deck was sold out, many people have asked for a reissue so… here it is: EVE BLACK.

Eve Black revisits the original illustrations with a few changes. The inspiration remains the same: in an adaptation of the homonymous graphic novel by Francis Testa, these cards tell the fascinating story of Genesis from a different perspective, that of Eve, as the mother of humanity. Thus, the different suits speak about the story grouping, in the court cards, Adam and Eve in the conception, Cain and Abel in the progeny, the archangels Raphael and Michael in the virtues and Asmodeus and Satan in the vices.



The campaign offers three versions of this deck. The version that gives its name is Eve Black, an exclusive Kickstarter edition in which black floods the backgrounds of the cards and an embossed and foiled tuck case.



The second version is the standard edition, a reissue of the original in which the tuck case has been enhanced with the use of foil accents.

The third version is the White Marble, completely new and redesigned, based on the originals, with more careful illustrations in which the court cards no longer have a symmetrical scheme. The tuck case also has foiled details.



The decks will be printed in China by WJPC on 310gsm German stock and butter varnish.

In addition to the cards, they have collaborated with a 3D artist to provide a unique holder for the exclusive deck. It is a piece that represents the trunk of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with the figures of Eve and the snake, printed in 3D and hand-colored with three different finishes.



In addition, both volumes of the graphic novel are offered in electronic editions.

The campaign is already funded so if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!