LEGIONARY Playing Cards. You won’t need to fight in the arena to get these beautiful decks

Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) is a good friend of Max Playing Cards and one of those designers whose work is highly anticipated by all playing card fans because it is a guarantee of graphic quality and creative talent. His latest work is LEGIONARY.

LEGIONARY is inspired by the great Roman Empire and some of its most popular icons: the furious fighters who, as legionnaires, brought victory to their armies and those fierce combatants who, as gladiators, entertained bloodthirsty audiences in merciless battles. in the sand.

The world that surrounds these warriors is rich in symbology, weapons and history, and Jody has managed to capture that essence in a deck that is beautifully illustrated and, like all of his creations, lavishly produced.

The back is a symmetrical composition of the Roman eagle, the quintessential symbol of the imperial army, placed on a pugio, a dagger used by gladiators until the time of Trajan.



That same eagle adorns an enormous ace of spades that also depicts Virgil’s Aeneid famous phrase: “Audentes fortuna iuvat” (fortune favours the bold), an unquestionable motto of any Roman warrior.



The court cards show a parade of brave and fearless fighters, defiant with their weapons, shields, helmets and armors to intimidate the enemy.



The jokers form a beautiful diptych of a biga pulled by two horses, a form of transportation for elite warriors to the battlefield.



The artist has created two editions of the deck.

The DAWN edition features dark gray bordered cards housed in a beautiful 3D embossed tuck case with black and bronze foils.



The DAY edition is brighter, with white bordered cards and the full-foil areas to give the backgrounds a brilliant and spectacular finish. The tuck case will also have 3D embossing and foiling in bronze and blue.



In addition to both decks, it is possible to get a collector’s set that also includes an antique bronze metallic card with an incredible three-dimensional sculpting.



A special edition with foiled and gold gilded cards, DUSK, will be unlocked as stretch goal.

The decks will be printed by Legends, who Jody has worked with on his most recent projects and who ensures high quality printing and finishing.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Ave Caesar!