CAMPING Playing Cards. Let’s go out, play, eat and drink in nature

Two years after his latest production, Kira, Sven Philipp ( has just launched a new crowdfunding campaign: CAMPING.

Camping has a fresh air, like what it represents: leisure, freedom, family and play. With this good vibes in mind, the deck has been illustrated by Ade Santora using elements typical of life in freedom under a tent or in a caravan.

The court cards use blue and pink with the same designs in all suits. These designs feature camping vehicles in a minimalist style with icons reminiscent of eating and drinking outdoors with family and friends.



The numbered cards are classic, with slightly personalized pips and indexes.



The back is a landscape composition with the name of the deck in the center made with an interesting ambigram that keeps the symmetry.



Ambigrams also appear in the tuck case and jokers.



The printing will be made by Friedmann, a printer based in Germany, just like Spielkarten, so logistics will be much easier and more effective. A 320gsm card stock with a linen finish will be used.

The prices of the deck are very reasonable and, being sent from Germany, the fulfillment will be US friendly. If you like it, visit the projecrt website the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!