DIVINE ART Playing Cards. The tradition of the Hindu Folk Art with a contemporary style

Founded by Sunish Chabba, the Guru Playing Card Company was created to spread and create awareness about Indian folk art art forms using a contemporary style. They have just lunched DIVINE ART DIVINE ART.

Divine Art is inspired by the Hindu Mythology using an unique style blending the traditional imagery of gods and goddesses with an interesting pastel colors combination and detailed ornaments. The mysticism of the Indian mythology is present everywhere and everything in the deck has been carefully customized to give a pleasant feeling of tradition and modernity at the same time.



The respect shown by the believers to the deities has been also gathered in the court cards and aces that has been profusely decorated inspired by the traditional Mehndi (henna tattoos) and the block print illustration techniques.


DivineArt_courtcards DivineArt_aces


The numbered cards are really original, designed to both keeping the playability of the deck and using some kind of hidden math code to distribute the different pips in a common pattern.




GPPC wanted this deck to keep the essence of the company itself so they decided to print it in India with TMCards. They will produce them using a 315 gsm black core stock with linen emboss finish, with a custom tuck box with matte finish and a custom seal.

Enjoy this cards and remember not to play with money when using it, as it would be considered disrespectful by gods and goddesses. Visit the project website and raise your pledge. All the pledge levels include free shipping worldwide!

Good luck!