5th KINGDOM cards. The meeting point of the warriors from all places and all ages

After offering several interesting reproductions of mythical decks from the past, Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) strikes back in another collaboration with artists around the globe to offer us a completely customized deck with a legendary inspiration: 5TH KINGDOM.

5th Kingdom combines the most ancient history and culture with the fantasy of imaginary kingdoms involved in battles without truce. The Muscovite artist Maria Fedoseeva has worked for several years on the different illustrations for this deck, made with the precision and elegance of vector strokes and with a captivating look. She has also managed to give each card its own personality by creating a semi-transformation deck in which the design elements are combined with numbers and pips to offer a very interesting composition.



Each suit is represented by a different culture and kingdom. Thus, the wild beauty of the African tribes in the spades, the delicate harmony of the Japanese culture in the diamonds, the sober but magical medieval bravery in the clubs and the haunting and colorful charm of the Hindu tales in the hearts masterfully decorate every single card face.



Two editions of the deck are offered in the campaign, with the same faces and different backs and tuck cases. The black deck (Artist edition) uses a monochromatic and asymmetrical back while the blue deck (Players edition) has a symmetrical back. Both will be printed by the USPCC in a limited print-run of 2500 units each and with gold inks on cards and foil on the tuck case.



Do not miss the campaign in which you can also get one of the few printed prototypes. Visit the project website and get this beautiful deck.

Good luck!