MUERTOS ANIMALS EDITION Playing Cards by Natalia Silva. Pets join the fiesta

Less than two weeks ago I was talking about MUERTOS Playing Cards by Natalia Silva. The campaign was successfully funded and Natalia brings us the second part of this series dedicated to traditional Mexican celebration but with a very original style: MUERTOS ANIMALS EDITION.




The inspiration and the vector and colorful style are still present in this deck replacing the classic human skulls by those of fun animals.



Dark purple backgrounds, elaborated designs full of details and that fun touch of Natalia, it will be made on a limited print-run of only 1000 decks by the USPCC with their superb Bicycle quality.



In addition, for this campaign, Natalia has created three more decks, limited to 200 units and printed by MPC. Each one will have different colors in the general schema and the back: red, burgundy and green.



The campaign is doing really well in its first days so if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!