Bicycle WILD WEST Playing Cards. I would get them if I were you, stranger.

Justin Froyd (Jamm Pakd Cards) is one of those tenacious and energetic artists. Since I know him, and that’s when he started designing cards in 2014, he has not stopped working to make his decks a reality. After his success with the Bicycle Coat of Arms decks, Justin has relaunched what he considers his best work: BICYCLE WILD WEST.

For this project Justin has counted again on his old friend, the designer J. Gonzo, and with his own experiences in Arizona where he lived since a child, to create two decks inspired by the Wild West. The designs are very interesting, with a very personal comic illustration style, and curious aesthetic variations in relation to the traditional schema.

The project has two decks depicting “the good” and “the bad” guys: Lawmen and Outlaw. Thus, both decks are different not only in the tuck case and the back but also in the court cards that show the different characters.



The numbered cards are simple and very clean which improves their playability. The jokers are faced in a classic duel in which only the fastest will survive.



The back of the cards are really cool, with elements related to each deck in intricate patterns.



In addition to the decks, it is possible to get a unique piece of collecting: a double case with magnetic clasp in two colors, brown (unlimited) and black, limited to 50 units.



If you like it, do not hesitate: visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!