CTHULHU CARDNOMICON Playing Cards. A new and interesting interpretation of Lovecraft’s fantasy world

The talent of Justin Hussain (Ace Collectable Cards) has given us awesome designs in decks plenty of creativity. He always wanted to produce a deck with the USPCC and he will do it very soon with CTHULHU CARDNOMICON.

Lovecraft‘s work has already inspired a few decks. That fantasy world, full of extraordinary characters and beings is perfect to le any artist’s creativity loose. As a big fan of this fictional classic novel, Justin has made his own interpretation of this fantastic universe by building a story in each of the suits, a story that can be read following a specific order (ace, jack, queen and king).



The illustrations are wonderful, full of details and the depth needed for this theme. The court cards depict different creatures and protagonists of the literary work. The numbered cards contrast for their clearness and their white backgrounds.



Two editions have been created for the campaign: standard and limited. Although it seems that both will have the same cards, the creator has suggested the possibility of add a “cosmic” aspect to the illustrations in the limited deck. We’ll need to wait for the project development to see how it progresses.



The campaign is already funded but still several stretch goals to unlock that will improve the quality and extras of the decks. These improvements include (among others) the Bicycle brand, custom seals, inner printing, foil or embossing in the tuck cases.

Whatever the extras will be unlocked, the decks will be printed by the USPCC so Justin will fulfill his dream.

If you like it, you can show your support by visiting the project website and raising your pledge.

Good luck!