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11 May

CTHULHU CARDNOMICON Playing Cards. A new and interesting interpretation of Lovecraft’s fantasy world

The talent of Justin Hussain (Ace Collectable Cards) has given us awesome designs in decks plenty of creativity. He always wanted to produce a deck with the USPCC and he will do it very soon with CTHULHU CARDNOMICON. Lovecraft‘s work has already inspired a few decks. That fantasy world, full of extraordinary characters and beings is perfect to le any artist’s creativity loose. As a big fan of this fictional classic novel, Justin has made his own interpretation of this fantastic universe…

07 September

BICYCICLE TOMB OF CTHULHU Playing Cards. Mystery engraved on stone

Lovecraft and his fantastic world seems to remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration for new playing cards designs. The last one is BICYCLE TOMB OF CTHULHU. One of the first companies that created card designs inspired by the myth of Lovecraft was 4PM in their Mythos: Necronomicon deck. Four years later, Playing Cards Dot Net releases Tomb of Cthulhu, that was actually conceived as the first one in the Mythos series.     The atmosphere of the deck is dark as a…