SNAKE OIL ELIXIR deck. The cure for all your playing card ailments

The difference between a doctor and a quack in the eighteen and nineteenth century was not easy to find out. That image of the man who traveled from town to town in a caravan offering false healthy miracles remains in our retina thanks to literature and cinema. Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) has designed a new deck to paid homage to the mounteback, that forerunner of false advertising and Internet’s fake remedies on the Internet: SNAKE OIL ELIXIR.



For the main illustrations, Randy has used as inspiration an advertising poster of a Snake Oil Salesman. He has masterfully used a combination of typography, colors and graphics that evoke those old ads. The customization of the deck is complete, sharing the main theme in the ace of spades and jokers and using a semi-custom court cards based on the Arrco schema.



The tuck case looks like a box that contains the miraculous brew and the borderless back reminds the skin of the snake used for its distillation.



The deck, printed by the USPCC, is on sale and available immediately in Midnight Cards webshop so you can get it along with any of the other decks also available.

Good luck!