BICYCLE OLD PARCHMENT Deck. These playing cards are old, broken and burned… but they are cool!

The Egyptians, more than 4500 years ago, already used thin animal skins to write their documents on. Since then, the parchment has been used in all stages of antiquity becoming a magnificent information support that has lasted until today. Collectable Playing Cards has launched a deck inspired by this ancient canvas: BICYCLE OLD PARCHMENT.

Each card has been designed as a scroll depicting each of the different faces in a traditional deck, with a customization using the classic style of the parchments: burnt edges, corners bend, small breaks and an aged appearance.




The chosen scheme is dominated by earth colors, very appropriate for the theme, and backpips, aces and indexes have been customized using labyrinthine patterns that give the deck a more aged appearance.


OldParchment_backfan OldParchment_acesandnumbered


The court cards follow the traditional design but with changes that make it more compelling.



Printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded, the campaign has been largely funded so if you want it you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!