SCIENCE Playing Cards: CHEMISTRY Edition. Men and women who have caused a great reaction in humanity

The world of science also comes to playing cards in a playful and educational combination to know, and recognize, the work of those women and men whose research and discoveries have been of benefit to humanity. This series of decks dedicated to science begins with the first volume: CHEMISTRY.

In this first edition, 153 scientists throughout chemistry history are shown. A custom poker deck in which each one of the cards, except for the ace of spades and jokers, shows a portrait.



This large number of characters will be distributed in a total of three different deck versions, with 51 portraits each.

The jokers show a monochromatic composition with flasks and pipettes. There will also be an extra card with the periodic table.



For each of the decks, three editions with different backs and cases will be printed. The Classic editions with red and blue backs and the Gold edition with gold foil on the tuck case and back.



The decks will be printed by WPJC.

In addition, as a add-on, an original flask-shaped case is offered, perfect for display the deck inside.



A commemorative golden coin will be made too.



If you like it, you can be part of it in the project website and raise your pledge. Remember that to get all the cards you must select a reward with at least 3 decks (in addition, you can choose their color).

Good luck!