Dragon Scale decks. Size matters, at least on dragons. Cross Promotion


This project is already funded, and there only a few days left to its end. Jessica Feinberg is a creative illustrator and writer. She has a solid experience on crowdfunding projects and this is her first project about playing cards: Dragon Scale.

This campaign is not only for one but for three decks, and unlike other projects that perform the same deck with different backs or just different tuck boxes, Jessica has designed one different card set for each deck. Each card contains a dragon, so that’s more than 150 dragons.



There is an special emphasis on the size. That’s why the project name is Dragon Scale. These decks are based on a previous book where the artist designed a guide to dragons from smallest to largest. The scale is clearly stated in each card using elements and objects (from a pencil to a planet) comparable to the dragon size.



You can have a look to the whole set of cards and deck in this website.

If you like dragons, playing cards and fantasy art, do not hesitate to go to the project website and raise your pledge before it finishes.

Furthermore, Jessica has created a cross promotion with the Aesir deck project giving away Bonus prints for all those backers of both campaigns.



Good luck!