AGNI Playing Cards. A cosmic journey through fire

In the grand cosmic saga, where the solar system emerged from the crucible of fire, over 4.5 billion years have shaped our existence. Earth, now cooled and sustained by the radiant heat of the sun, witnesses the intricate dance of life entwined with the cosmic flame. A new deck pays homage to this elemental force, revered as one of the cornerstones of the universe: AGNI.

AGNI (fire in Sanskrit) has been forged by Orion Playing cards and entirely designed by Bivas Bhattacharjee (Old Gravity), a talented artist and close friend of Max Playing Cards, following the footsteps of acclaimed projects like Open Secrets and Chakravyuh. The genesis of Agni lies in the deep connection between human history, culture, technology, and mythology with the transformative power of fire. As ancient sages recognized fire as a life force, Agni immortalizes this reverence through captivating cards.

In the court cards, each suit represents a different facet of humanity’s relationship with fire. Clubs embody natural fire, celebrating Homo Erectus’ discovery that reshaped human evolution. Diamonds, symbolizing discovered fire, pay tribute to visionary pioneers of nuclear science. Spades delve into mythical fire, representing iconic figures like Prometheus, an eternal symbol of stolen fire. Hearts, representing passionate fire, capture the emotional intensity of artists and maidens.



The four aces, completely customized, weave a narrative of creation, discovery, and passion echoing the theme represented by each suit, from Homo Erectus discovering fire to manipulating atoms in the nuclear age, dragons breathing fire, or the passion of art and words.



The jokers reflect the dual nature of fire through a serene rural scene bathed in moonlight, symbolizing creation, and its antithesis in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, embodying the destructive power of fire.



The numbered cards in Agni are artistic expressions with torn edges and flame-shaped pips. All cards incorporate areas with metallic stamping that make them aesthetically unique.



The card back feature a symmetrical abstract design inspired by the yin and yang symbol, with ash and fire textures creating a beautiful visual effect when fanning.



Agni comes in two beautiful editions: ASH and IGNITED. The Kickstarter-exclusive and numbered Ash Edition has a case full of symbolism and beautiful features, such as holographic red foil (both inside and outside), embossing, and die-cutting to infuse it with a fiery and destructive spirit.



The Ignited Edition has a unique case, without any printing and with a design based on metallic gold and matte red foil on premium black paper. Despite sharing the design with the Ash Edition, the choice of colors makes it look like a completely different deck.



In addition to the two editions mentioned above, a very limited quantity of the Gilded Ignited Edition will be printed, which will have gilded edges, be numbered, and will only be available in some of the tier levels.



Behind Agni’s beauty is the technical mastery of Kingstar, the chosen printer to bring this vision to life. Bivas trusts Kingstar’s expertise to bring out the richness of details and artistic expression in Agni. Each card, printed on German paper with a black core and a weight of 310 gsm, reflects a dedication to quality. Additionally, exclusivity is sealed with holographic details on the edges that add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

The campaign is widely funded, and there are a few days left before it ends, so you still have time to get these exclusive beauties. Visit the the project website and raise your pledge before it is too late.

Good luck!