BICYCLE KNIGHTS Playing Cards. Outfit yourself properly for a bloody medieval battle

Will Roya ( goes on working for a place in the each time more complicated scenario of playing cards crowdfunding. After four successful projects, he has just launched his first Bicycle deck: KNIGHTS.



Bicycle Knights is a deck inspired by the Middle Ages and their fierce hand-to-hand fighting. For the designs Will has teamed the renowned European artist, Sam Hayles, who has traditionally worked with Big Blind Media in many decks of their Karnival series. Now, with a somewhat more figurative style, the illustrations collect arms and armor from the medieval knights, although Sam has splattered with blood some of the cards to give them that disturbing touch he is known by.



The back is profusely decorated with adornments in which helmets, crosses, swords and shields are mixed as central elements.



With a limited edition of 2500 units, the Bicycle branded deck will be printed by the USPCC and will include specific extras for magic tricks such a tuck revelation or a set of gaff cards. In addition, numbered seals and improvements to the box and stock are set as stretch goals.

A very interesting deck that you should not ignore. If you like, visit the project website and make your contribution.

Good luck!