ABBOTS Playing Cards. Robots take over

3rd dominion is closely linked to futuristic cards with very special cases and original ideas. We are now witnessing their latest release: ABBOTS.

Abbots is inspired by the story of a world where robots, coexisting with humans, unlock a secret code that gives them access to powerful technology. As in their previous creations, the entire project has been conceived from a futuristic vision, something especially evident in the tuck cases with a unique opening system based on origami construction principles and made with high-quality materials, embossing and foils.



In addition, apparently cryptic prints have been incorporated into the cases, which are actually Moiré patterns that allow us to see small animations using a transparent plastic card with a printed grid (it is possible to get a full set with these cards printed to enjoy the effect without opening the deck).



The project offers four different editions of the deck: Keeper, Architect, Classified, and Conqueror, with color variations on the designs and a few different cards depending on the version.



The Keeper and Architect editions share the same back and court cards with shades of blue, while the Classified and Conqueror use shades of red. The cards have been completely customized following this technology setting with geometric and angular shapes.




The aces and jokers are different in the four editions. The use of metallic inks will enhance the designs on the faces and backs.



It is also possible to get the very last sets of the previous campaigns (Area 51 and Ghost of Kyiv).

The decks will be printed by Noir Arts (NPCC) in a limited edition to the needs of the project.

If you want to enjoy this adventure, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!