ICONS SIGNATURE Playing Cards. The ICONS circle is finally closed

ICONS, one of the most impressive masterpieces of art by Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards), has suffered some misfortunes and obstacles. There have been a few issues in the first deck, ICONS Imperial, that the artist has had to face to make it real. Now, the decks are ready to be distributed, and icing on this cake, Lotrek has created a very limited and elegant deck: ICONS SIGNATURE.




ICONS SIGNATURE replaces the ICONS Secular deck announced as third and last of the series. In a new twist in the search for the best materials and most exclusive finishes, Lotrek has decided to end the series with this ICONS with very striking features. The faces of the cards are the same as in ICONS Imperial. Gold and silver foil on a metallic gold ink background have been used for the cards. The tuck case is amazingly made of black leather with an inner pearlescent gold  stock. A wax seal will close the deck without affecting the tuck case.




Only 150 decks that will be numbered and signed have been produced, and they will be distributed within a few days with the original ICONS Imperial decks.




If you want to get this wonder, you have to visit the popular forum United Cardists in its Deck Sale section and obtain your exclusive copy of ICONS Signature before it is gone.

Good luck!