VIVALDI Playing Cards. If music could be painted it will be something like this deck

A redheaded and asthmatic priest became one of the greatest composers in history. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was the inspiration of great artists like Händel or Bach. After dying, his work was consigned to oblivion until the early twentieth century rescued it thanks to the interest in baroque music. His legacy is broad, with almost 800 works, although among all, his musical ode to the world and life stands out: the Four Seasons. Now, Passione honors the great composer in VIVALDI Playing Cards.

It could not be other than the most popular Italian company in contemporary playing cards design, Passione Playing Cards, who paid tribute to the great artist with beautiful and very delicate cards. Passione have teamed up an exceptional illustrator, Sofia Bolognesi, born in Veneto, Vivaldi’s region, and an amateur violinist who has been able to capture the essence of Baroque style along with the colorful beauty of Vivaldi’s music, especially the one that comes from the fragments of his Four Seasons.



The designs are full of life and color, with a watercolor-like style and symmetrical illustrations of great visual strength in which the strokes and combinations for each suit bring to mind the cold and warm colors in the different seasons. The court cards are beautifully ethereal and hold string instruments in their hands. Card faces will also have accents in metallic inks. Aces and numbered cards are delicate and clean.



Two different editions, ALLEGRO and LARGO,  have been created, with different colors (green and red) on the back and tuck case and some subtle variations on the court cards.



The luxurious tuck cases created by Gambler’s Warehouse will use colored papers with a velvety look and feel and overprinted foil.



In addition, as they did in some previous campaigns, a special and limited edition, CONCERTO, has been created for the occasion, with a double book-shaped case. Only 350 numbered CONCERTO cases will be printed in Italy by Archivio Tipografico on silky touch paper.



The cards will be printed by the USPCC on their traditional air-cushion finish.

A very interesting proposal that you should not miss. Take advantage of the early birds and get this beauty in the project website.

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