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22 October

ELEMENT Playing Cards. Minimalist design Made in Italy

Made in Italy, a new minimalist design arrives, inspired by the four classical elements: ELEMENT Playing Cards.     The artist Alessio Lombardi has redesigned each of the four suits to adapt them to each of the elements and the story behind them. Fire and Air, the red suits of hearts and diamonds,  and Earth and Water, the black suits of clubs and spades, symbolize values like purity, intellect, love or roots.     It is a simple but elegant design,…

04 May

Michael Frömmer’s 1616 Silver Bicycle. The half million dollars deck

  Alex Willis (Man Made Games), the creator of this deck, brings us a risky and original proposal. He has converted a classic Italian deck from the 17th Century into a Bicycle deck thought for collectors and players: the 1616 Silver Bicycle.     The history of the original deck is very interesting but one of the most shocking things of it is that the deck was sold in 2010 at Christie’s of New York for $554,500 (around 422,000 euros)….