VITRUM Playing Cards. The original and solid combination of metal and light

It is a real joy to be able to write about different, original decks, in which their creators have put all the effort to offer something really special. This is the case of the VITRUM.

Stained glass windows are decorative as well as practical elements especially popular in medieval constructions but with a much older origin that, according to some research, dates back to the Roman Empire with incredible pieces such as the 4th century Lycurgus cup made of silver and dichroic glass.

Purely Idea is a young company that has been working since 2018 to offer a combination of design, magic and originality in the world of playing cards. Their proposals have always tried to provide added value beyond a simple card game.

They have been inspired, for this ambitious production, by the classic multi-colored stained glass windows, but they have wanted the deck not to be a mere representation on paper of their idea. Thus, they have worked for more than a year with artists and engineers to put technology at the service of design.

The tuck case is impressive, with a solid structure covered in stainless steel and a composition of colored fragments. But the big surprise in this tuck is the integrated led lighting that turns it into a real spectacle when activated.



Two different cases (spade and heart) will be made in an ultra limited edition of 400 units of each one and, to complete the technological boast, the seals will be numbered through an RFID chip that will show the details when using a NFC app.



Such a special case must also contain a very special deck, so the guys at Purely Idea wanted to satisfy their backers with a full set of custom cards. The court cards show comic book-style characters drawn from different cultures and civilizations with a large stained glass window in the background.



This stained glass also decorates the large aces and the small pips of the numbered cards.



The back shows a modernist interpretation of the stained glass, perfect for cardistry and manipulation tricks. Metallic inks in silver and gold will be used for both editions of the tuck case.



In addition, and according to the luxury of the rest of the elements, the decks will also be gilded in silver and gold.

It is, therefore, a unique campaign, with really luxurious and limited objects for those who want to have a special piece. In addition, those more demanding collectors can customize the deck with their name on the seal or a different color combination in the tuck.

The campaign is already funded and the decks are very limited, so if you want to get them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!