FORMA Playing Cards. Geometry at the service of Cardistry

In search of fresh proposals for custom cards designed for cardistry, TCC Cardistry has collaborated with an expert illustrator to create a quite interesting deck: FORMA.



FORMA is the result of the work by Ale Urrutia, a Uruguayan designer based in China whose works are characterized by an intense use of color and simple forms. For this deck Ale has taken the basic geometric shapes as the main design elements, wisely combined with flat colors (blue, red and white) in compositions of great aesthetic strength.



As a deck created thinking of them, cardistry fans will enjoy it a lot because the geometry of the back creates beautiful fans and the white faces and simplicity of the designs give elegance and contrast for flourishing. Although the indexes are not standard, the clean faces makes it a good deck for playing games and for magic while collectors will also appreciate a non-standard deck.



To give the cards the deserved quality, the deck will be printed by the USPCC in a one-time limited edition.

If you want to get it, take advantage of the campaign because the price will go up in stores. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!