Americana deck received. Third in the “colection” from Circle City Cards

At last, I have in my hands the Americana deck, the third deck released by Circle City Cards.


After the amazing Brimstone and Revision 1, (already seen in my previous post dedicated to KickStarter projects) this Americana deck, created by Russel Kercheval, shows a completely renew design inspired in the Old West  spirit.

This unique deck has an all-new custom designed cards, including modified versions of classic Bicycle court cards, now modeled after the kinds of Old West people.


The deck includes special gaffed cards for magicians. One Ace of Hearts that seems to have been shot and a 4 of Spades with some ‘blood’ spattering and a fingerprint. One of the Jokers has also a convenient reveal built into the design.


Everything within a fantastic Bicycle design and quality paper.


This has also been the first Bicycle deck from The Blue Crown new web project: The House of Playing Cards.


A few available if anyone is interested…