Erratic Kings Playing Cards. The most popular USA decks with a new and fresh design


All the USPCC playing cards fans are in luck. Bill Collins (The Other Look), the creator of the Bicycle Voyager deck, releases his new and ambitious project : erratic Kings.
As a poker lover, and due to the current explosion of card designs, Bill had a fresh and creative vision on the standard deck mainly oriented to a highly playable experience. A deck that at first glance seems standard but with details and artistic elements that significantly change the original appearance.

Linoid , Cambric , Magic , Linen… all these refers to the same thing: the popular Air Cushion Finish. These cards will be printed on Bicycle stock with that finish.

One of the most interesting aspects are variations of this deck . Artists usually offer color variations on the back or just different cases (limited and unlimited, branded and unbranded) with the same deck inside. Bill will also offer a Bicycle branded and an unbranded versions of the deck but, in addition , for the first time in Kickstarter, decks will be printed (as stretch goals) Bee (introduced in 1892 and very popular for players and casinos) and Tally Ho (created in 1885, same year as Bicycle 808) branded, two popular brands all around the globe. Moreover, as an additional stretch goal, cards will be printed on Bee paper, slightly thicker.

For more information and pledges please visit the project website.

Good Luck!