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24 March

TALLY HO MASTER CLASS Playing Cards. A completely updated classic

Among the card brands produced by the USPCC, one of the most popular among magicians and cardists is the well-known Tally-Ho. Many artists and producers have created their own custom Tally-Ho decks. Now, Gambler’s Warehouse launches something new and different: TALLY HO MASTER CLASS. Designed by Pablo M. (from 4PM Designs), Tally-Ho Masterclass takes the aesthetics of the classic Tally-Ho tuck case but completely redefines it through a luxurious finish as well as the cards faces, fully customized on pips, indexes, back,…

21 March

British Monarchy Tally-Ho Playing Cards. A deck worthy of the Royalty

  LUX Playing Cards has joined the cards tradition with the design tradition and presents their latest creation: British Monarchy Tally-Ho Deck. After the success of their two previous campaigns, Illusionist and Aves, LUX has decided to launch a Tally-Ho deck, one of the most popular and prestigious brands currently produced by USPCC. The deck keeps the typography and layout of the Tally-Ho traditional tuck case but with a complete customization in the cards.     The talented artist Nam Tibon, who has previously worked…

24 December

Erratic Kings Playing Cards. The most popular USA decks with a new and fresh design

  All the USPCC playing cards fans are in luck. Bill Collins (The Other Look), the creator of the Bicycle Voyager deck, releases his new and ambitious project : erratic Kings. As a poker lover, and due to the current explosion of card designs, Bill had a fresh and creative vision on the standard deck mainly oriented to a highly playable experience. A deck that at first glance seems standard but with details and artistic elements that significantly change the…