British Monarchy Tally-Ho Playing Cards. A deck worthy of the Royalty


LUX Playing Cards has joined the cards tradition with the design tradition and presents their latest creation: British Monarchy Tally-Ho Deck.

After the success of their two previous campaigns, Illusionist and Aves, LUX has decided to launch a Tally-Ho deck, one of the most popular and prestigious brands currently produced by USPCC. The deck keeps the typography and layout of the Tally-Ho traditional tuck case but with a complete customization in the cards.



The talented artist Nam Tibon, who has previously worked on several playing cards designs, has used a clean and very detailed style to create court cards depicting characters of the monarchy in the history of England.



Using a black and gold combination in the tuck box, that is the same as the one used in the cards and in the elaborate card back, the deck is really beautiful and it will certainly be a great addition to any collection and a perfect deck for a royal poker night.

LUX has also released a special edition tuck box dedicated to Henry VIII limited to 524 decks (one per each royal anniversary).

If you like the images, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

God save the deck!