Elements Playing Cards. Made of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water


Doug Frye loves mythology, culture and traditions from all over the world. After creating the Aesir decks, inspired by the Norse prophecy of the doomsday, he and his partners of Deveo Media decided to make a deck inspired by the popular four elements taking and depicting them from different cultures in a set of Elements Playing Cards.



The idea is to create a deck for each element so for this project they have offered the Fire deck. If the funding goal raises enough, the Water deck will be unlocked. If that’s not the case, Water and the rest of the decks (Earth and Wind) will be offered in separate campaigns.



They have designed a different back for each deck that include symbols about each element and that will have metallic inks to give them a bolder aspect. Each deck will have different court card styles. They will be adding completed cards as the project moves along so you will be able to see the progress of the deck while the project advances too.

The decks will be printed by he USPCC and Bicycle branded. If you like the images, voisit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!