Hawaiian Playing Cards. Let’s say ‘Aloha’ to a deck with islander tradition


Home Run is formed by a group of cool people with the most eclectic deck designs. After many different proposals, the very last one by Gavin (Zombie Riders) is the Hawaiian deck.

The deck is inspired and dedicated to the Hawaiian Islands and their traditions. The whole deck has been customized, from the court cards depicting famous personalities from the Hawaiian heritage to the custom seal or the special tongue tuck box designed for the limited edition.

The design is nice and evocative to the islander culture, nothing to do with the typical souvenir image.

There will be three different editions printed by the USPCC. All with the same cards but different tuck boxes. The standard unbranded edition, the Bicycle branded edition limited to 2,000 decks and the signed and numbered edition with tongue tuck box and wrapped in vellum limited to 1,000 decks.

If you like it, go to the project website and raise your pledge.