BICYCLE AURORA Playing Cards relaunch. Elegance in gold and silver

These playing cards were already launched and sadly unfunded but Collectable Playing Cards, that trust on this deck, has recently relaunched this deck with an ornate and elegant designBICYCLE AURORA.

Aurora is inspired by the sunrise, and those gold and silver colors for dawn and dusk. To enhance this design, metallic inks will be used on the cards, with gold ink for the court cards and silver ink for numbered cards. In addition, a frame on each face will identify the suit of the card.




Both colors are used in the card back, that depicts an intricately designed solar representation.




The tuck case will be foiled and embossed to complete the beauty of the deck in a limited print run made by the USPCC and Bicycle branded.



The campaign is already funded so, if you like it, visit the project website ans raise your pledge.

Good luck!