DON QUIXOTE vol.1 Playing Cards. The Ingenious launch by Cellar Window

It is always fantastic news that a friend of Max Playing Cards (and a great artist) launches a new deck, but if the deck has such an exciting and close to me theme then it is even more interesting. After the successful Fuego!, Nam Tibon (Cellar Window) is preparing his next and imminent release: DON QUIXOTE vol.1.

With this title, the deck is obviously inspired by the most popular knight from the universal literatureThe Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, written by the famous Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is an exciting novel translated into more than 40 different languages and known in every corner of the earth.


1 Don Quixote - Cards and Tuck


The playing cards make a review of the novel and its characters, with a beautiful original artwork. Following the structure of the own novel, this deck will focus on the first part (it is rather anecdotal that the number of chapters the first part is 52, the same number of cards in a poker deck).


2 Don Quixote - Suits and Pips 5 Don Quixote - Detail


The deck will be launched on 19 April, the month in which the 400th anniversary of Cervantes death is celebrated. It will be printed by LPCC with Emerald finish and some beautiful extras in the tuck case including gold foil.

As soon as the campaign is on, I will write a new article with more images and information. You know, do not miss.


4 Don Quixote - Kings


Thank you Nam for bring us such an awesome deck in such an amazing artwork!

Good luck!