SIRENS Playing Cards. Their designs will catch you even more than their songs

Fortunately, there are happy moments for a collector when truly outstanding artistic quality jobs appear. This is the case of the SIRENS Playing Cards.

Jianhao Cai (Old Card Maker) is a freelance artist for iOS and web games based in Canada that has been working for hundreds of hours on this project designing, drawing and improving beautiful illustrations about the Sirens, mythological characters portrayed countless times that acquire a strong personality in these cards.




Beautiful but disturbing, a group of sirens illustrate the court cards with a truly original possession: each one has her own midgnight dragon, a fantastic creature that becomes part of her own identity.

Every card is a design and originality display, with many hidden stories, symbols and secrets, such as the keys in the back that unlock the aces that caught the babies of legendary sea monsters. Amazing designs to be admired in every single detail.




It will also have custom suits and a depicting the love affair between the Siren Witch and the Undead Captain.




Time and effort in the designs are not the only thing invested. The decks promise to be truly spectacular. Yes, I say the decks as there will be two different editions if the project is funded, both printed by EPCC. The Diamond Edition, in a white shiny background printed on the new Stardust stock that will be clean and bright. The Ancient Edition will be printed on Linen stock and air-cushion finish, with a background with reddish tones that will give it a greater intensity. Although the decks will share the illustrations, both look quite different. As a stretch goal, some improvements on the paper stock will be done.



Along with the cards, exclusive posters and collection boxes can be obtained. Real pieces of art for demanding collectors. If you like what you see, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!