BUTTERFLY WORKERS EDITION Playing Cards. The elegant and magic butterfly now has white borders

Of all the marked decks on this planet (and in the known universe in general), the most popular is, without a doubt,  Ondrej Psenicka‘s Butterfly. An adventure that began seven years ago has already become an icon for card magic with dozens of editions and tens of thousands of printed decks. The Butterfly deck, in addition to its elegance, incorporates an absolutely magical secret on its back, with a unique marking system that allows for impressive magic effects. However, something was missing in this family of decks, something that Ondrej has just offered in his latest campaign: BUTTERFLY WORKERS EDITION.

This edition combines the beauty of the classic Butterfly back design, with an essential element for many magicians: the white border. If all Butterfly decks to date had a borderless back, the Worker editions offer the versatility of traditional playing cards, which allows a wide variety of magic effects thanks to that small white frame.



But these new Butterfly do not give up their essence, and offer a complete and, how could it be otherwise, discreetly marked back. In addition to knowing the suit and the value of each card, the marking also incorporates other magical resources that are explained inside the deck itself.

To guarantee a perfect product, with the best quality and handling, the cards will be printed by Carta Mundi with its famous slimline paper and B9 finish and a faro friendly cutting technique (already known as Butterfly cut).



The decks are available in blue and red colors and in some reward tiers it is possible to get some of the very few prototypes created to test the excellence of this new deck.



Also, on the fourth day of the campaign, backers will be able to vote for their favorite color that will become a Kickstarter exclusive edition .

The campaign has been a huge success, funded in a few minutes. If you want to get yours, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!